Web Development Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Get your business to the top of the search engines and smartly invite customers to your website!

We analyse your business, its market and competition across the online environment. So you would just choose the words to be typed in search engines and we will try to ensure prospects get invited to your website, by getting your business the best position in the result list of search engines.

Organic Search

To be on Google's first page, is not an over the night activity. Simply compare your business with a student life; their professor would only recommend them if they have had reasonable results over time!

On-page SEO

Your website needs to communicate with search engine for a better position. It should prove the quality and relevance of its content to search engine, which is possible by meeting onpage SEO standards and protocols.

Local SEO

Why should you invite customers in Liverpool, once your business only provides service or product in London? We localise your SEO, so that what you spend on SEO turns into revenue.

There are a lot of debates in the industry regarding SEO that lead to both cheap and expensive offers by many service providers. Unfortunately, there is no measure to satisfy the customer of the reason for such costs. We would like to point out our practice of providing you with simple and non-technical evidence of the required SEO services that your businesses needs to become competitive in the search engines. Our Google certificate also reflects the assurance of our quality.

Apart from search engines, customers come to your websites from a diversity of places over the Internet. Professional strategies should apply to your online marketing to attract customers to your website or social network environments over the Internet. Your business situation should first be analysed to define policies by which customers can be attracted to your virtual environments. SEO might be an easy phrase to pronounce, however, it’s a complicated challenge in reality.


Increase in Organic traffic


Bounce Rate Down


Average Visit Duration Increase


Pages per Session Up

Create and Empower your Online Economy

SEO is simple economics, just over the internet. We set your website and social networks as your online economy and empower this economy with respect to your services and products.

Market Aggregation over Search Engine

Before we implement your SEO, we study your market and your business ability to serve them. So we apply the SEO, where you can compete to gain competitive advantage.

SEO Strategic Analysis and Planing

For keywords to be optimised for your website, there should be a strategy to plan what needs to be implemented for your SEO to gain your goal from it, and monetise your business.

Activity Reports

You will receive our periodic reports on the progress of your SEO campaigns and its outcomes, so that you would have a brighter insight of your investment result and your rivalry over search engine.

Search Engine Optimisation shouldn't be anything to result over a night!

There are a lot of providers that claim their SEO services would result rapidly. Although, to be thinking wise, not the very hardest activity of internet marketing can be such an easy thing to do. SEO service providers sell backlinks and do other tricks to deal with search engine, and as a matter of fact results are being observed. However the big questions are that how long these result could be maintained and what could be the damages to your business to be optimised with such a behavior. For a sustainable SEO, we at Faryana believe that you need to have a strong web economy that is strengthen by the presentation of your services or products and its relevant discussions and engagements. SEO requires the knowledge of information economics and for your brand to be projected ahead of other over search engine, you need to decide and act wise. Contact us to simply describe this concept of digital economics for you and your co-workers who have an interest in this!